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Basset Hound Pictures

Two Enjoyable Picture Books for Basset Hound Lovers

Over the years, I've taken many photos of my Basset Hound, Hunter. But, I also like looking at photos and pictures of other Basset Hounds because they are just so cute and lovable. Every year, my husband gives me a new calendar that has a different Basset Hound picture for each month. I hang it on my refrigerator and at the beginning of the month I can't wait to turn the calendar to see a new picture.

One year in addition to giving me a calendar, he also gave me a Basset Hound picture book called Maggie's Way: Observations From Below Your Knees by Bill Stanton. I have to tell you, it was a great gift - I absolutely loved it!

Bill Stanton is a professional photographer and owner of a Basset Hound named Maggie. Each page of his book is filled with one or more photographs of Maggie along with one or more quotes from famous people or the author. It's the philosophy of life from the perspective of a Basset Hound and Maggie shares her perspective in the introduction. The pictures of Maggie are both adorable and hilarious.

I've flipped through this book many times and for me, it never gets old. I actually keep mine on the coffee table in my family room. Whenever we have people over, someone always picks it up and gets a good laugh.

Since I loved the book so much, my husband later gave me Bill Stanton's second book called The Tao of Maggie: The Sound of One Hound Barking. It's similar to his first book with lots of quotes and photos of Maggie. I thoroughly enjoyed this book too, although I like the first one just a little bit more - only because the book is physically bigger (width and height) and therefore the pictures are bigger. But, overall it's a great book.

If you enjoy Basset Hound photos as much as I do or if you know someone else that does, then I highly recommend either of these two books - a must have for any Basset owner.

Both of these books are available at amazon.com. If you'd like to purchase or need more information, click the book image or title below to go directly to amazon's product page:



This Book May Also Be of Interest...

I just discovered this book:

Deer Aint Peggy: Letters of Advice and Life's Observations from a 14-year-old Basset Hound by Sherlock Blanchard.

It contains a collection of 50 letters written by a Basset Hound to his human relatives and friends. I haven't read it yet. But as soon as I do, I'll post my review.

Other reviewer's have described it as delightful and amusing. As I write this, it has mostly positive reviews with one negative.

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