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Basset Hound Pictures

Some of My Favorites

I've sprinkled many pictures of my Basset Hound, Hunter, throughout the pages of this web site. But, I have many more to share. Here are some of my favorites...

My 4 Month Old Basset Hound

About 5 months old - taken March 2002

As a puppy, his ears were extra-long and his feet were oversized. He used to trip over those ears as he ran in a clumsy manner with those big, front paws.



My 5 Month Old Basset Hound Shewing a Toy

My 6 Month Old Basset Hound Puppy

I used to love the way he would lie on his tummy with his back legs sprawled out. He doesn't do that anymore.



Basset Hound Lap Dog

A Lap Dog?

At 6 months old he barely fits on my lap. But, he thinks he's a lap dog. He used to fall asleep like that. Not anymore. As a full grown Basset Hound, he's not interested in sitting on my lap anymore, nor does he fit.



Basset Hound in the Snow

Trying to Enjoy the Snow

This Basset Hound picture was taken after a snow storm in February 2003. Poor Hunter! He has a hard time walking around in the deep snow with those short legs.



Basset Hound Napping

Napping With His Toys

Sweet Dreams! What else can I say. He's got the life. A Basset Hound's plan for the day - eat, sleep, play, and get as much attention as I can.



A Chubby Basset Hound

An Overweight Hound

Here's a picture of Hunter enjoying my daughter's birthday party. I don't know if you can tell but, he's overweight in this picture at 4 years old. My vet labeled him as chubby, meaning 5 pounds overweight. He was eating too much and not getting enough exercise. Of course, this wasn't his fault. We got him back down to a healthy weight by feeding him less and getting back into a routine of daily walks.



Funny picture of my Basset Hound's nose

A Hound's Nose

My husband took this picture. When I saw it, I couldn't stop laughing!



My slim, trim Basset Hound

I'm Looking Good!

In this June 2007 picture, Hunter shows off his slim / trim physique. No longer overweight, he's in better shape than I am!


This is only a subset of my favorite photos of a good natured hound dog (I have many more). I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into Hunter's world.

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My Basset Hound, Hunter

My dog, Hunter!
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