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Real Basset Hound Names!

Choose One for Your New Puppy or Dog

Need a name for your Basset Hound puppy or dog? You'll find one here!

This isn't just a big, long list of random names. Instead, you'll find the names of real, beloved Basset Hound pets. Male and female. 

Molly the Basset Hound

Molly from Omaha, NE

Many Basset Hound enthusiasts have contributed to this site. So I thought... why not share all of the Basset Hound names that they have chosen for their awesome pets, including cute and / or silly nick names.

Daisy May the Basset Hound

Daisy May from West Yorkshire

Basset Hound Names List

Click on the names below to check out photos and read stories. Hopefully this will help you find the perfect name for your new puppy or dog or at least you'll have some ideas to start with.

Dudley the Basset Hound

Dudley... sleeping with his favorite toy

Please note... if a name is listed more than once, that means more than one owner has shared a story about his / her Basset Hound with that name. Click on each to read about the different dogs.

Need More Name Ideas?

Take a look at The Best Pet Name Book Ever. It'll get your creative juices flowing and the funny pet illustrations will make you laugh or at least chuckle. Of course, my favorite is the one of a Basset Hound named Floppy.

Names are categorized according to general subject areas such as pet's appearance, personality, historical, religious, royalty, screen and television, cartoon characters, sports, etc. I like the chapter on naming pairs. Here's one from that chapter... Chips and Salsa. There's also a chapter on naming trios.

The author, a veterinarian of thirty years, recommends that the book be used "as a tool to spark your imagination." I'm sure you'll find it to be helpful! I have the third edition on kindle although a newer edition has been released.

Add Your Basset Hound's Name to the List

Share your Basset Hound with us. Then I'll add your dog's name to the Basset Hound names list along with a link to your story / photo(s). Click here to learn how.

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