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Minnie Passed Away

(Update September 3, 2008) I'm sad to report that Minnie passed away on Father's Day.


Abandoned Basset Hound
Serves as Humane Society Mascot

(Update September 11, 2007) I recently received a newsletter from the Marion County Humane Society located in Ocala, Florida. Apparently, Minnie is feeling much better and is serving as the Humane Society's mascot, meeting and greeting visitors in the front office. They'll be caring for her until she passes away. Sounds like they're giving her the care that she always deserved.

She received hundreds of cards and letters. Donations for her care totaled over $7,000.


An Unfortunate Turn of Events
for Minnie

(Update June 17, 2007) I was saddened to learn that Minnie's vets discovered that she has cancer and she is expected to live for only a few months. Over $6000 has been collected for Minnie's medical care from donations, which are still being accepted. After she passes away, her fund will be renamed the Minnie Memorial Fund and the remaining funds will be used to help abused and neglected animals. Read full story here.


A Sad But Hopeful Story:
Abandoned Basset Hound in Florida

(June 6, 2007) A Basset Hound named Minnie was apparently abandoned by her owners when they moved away. She suffered for 24 days without food and water before a concerned neighbor noticed and called the Marion County Humane Society located in Ocala, Florida. I'm actually wondering why it took 24 days for someone / anyone to notice and take action. Read full story here.

The Marion County Humane Society is nursing her back to health and is accepting donations for her medical care. PayPal donations are accepted on their website, http://www.thehsmc.org/. Enter a note along with your donation to indicate that it is for "Minnie's Fund". You may also call 352-873-7387 to make a credit card donation or mail a check as specified in the news article.

Read an interesting article about the society's director here.

I became both angry and sad when I read about Minnie's ordeal. The people that left her behind are either very cruel (if they actually abandoned her) or very irresponsible (if they expected a friend to pick her up but, never verified that it happened). I'm happy that she's now recovering and is in good hands.

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