Basset Hound Health and Care

Preventing Common Health Problems

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You want a happy and healthy hound dog, right? Then make Basset Hound health and care a top priority. Read on to learn how...

The best way to ensure optimal health throughout the life of your Basset Hound is to provide preventative health care. By focusing on prevention of health problems, your dog will be more likely to lead a long and happy life and will be your companion for a long time to come.

Step 1: The first step in prevention is to provide proper Basset Hound care. To learn more about proper care, read Basset Hound Care: Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy.

Step 2: The second step is to learn  about the health problems that are more common to the Basset Hound breed including signs and preventative methods.

Of course, despite your best efforts you may not be able to prevent all problems. But, if you're familiar with common diseases and health issues including warning signs, then you'll be more likely to catch a problem in its early stages when it can be more easily and successfully treated.

While your knowledge of Basset Hound health and care may help you prevent and detect health problems, it's best to rely on a good veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, if you notice a potential problem, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Common Diseases and Conditions

For a comprehensive resource of diseases and conditions that are common to the Basset Hound, read Basset Hound Diseases and Conditions: Causes, Signs, and Prevention.

Genetic Defects in the Basset Hound

While the Basset Hound maintains a reputation of being a healthy breed of dog, there are some inherited diseases and disorders which are possible. A responsible and ethical breeder is knowledgeable of these diseases and disorders and will do everything possible to minimize the chances of genetic defects. To learn more, read Basset Hound Genetic Defects: Minimize the Chances.

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Final Tips on Basset Hound Health and Care

Some final Basset Hound health and care tips:

  • Provide preventative health care throughout your Basset Hound's life.
  • Learn about diseases and conditions that are more common to the Basset Hound breed including preventative methods and warning signs.
  • Rely on a good veterinarian for proper diagnosis of health problems and appropriate treatment.

I practice preventative health care with my Basset Hound, Hunter, and for the most part, he has been quite healthy. He's been both a loyal and loving companion and my hope is that he will be part of my family for a long, long time.

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