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Basset Hound Breeder from South Africa

Groenewald Bassets

A Basset Hound breeder from Cape Town, South Africa recently shared some great photos of her dogs with me.

She says...

"Bassets are just so much fun, never a dull moment, and we like to share that with others, that's why we breed, only one litter a year, to make sure they are well socialised and emotionally mature."

Check out the fun photos and stories below...


Basset Hound Breeder Family

The Family

"The family" is a picture of Herman and I with our dogs. What a mission! We put the camera on self timer and after 23 photos we got this one. It is impossible to get them to sit still! And they thought it was a big game, biting and playing.



Basset Hounds waiting for a treat

We're Waiting

I was eating a biscuit and all of a sudden we saw the three bassets on their bums. They know they are not allowed to get anything if they don't sit. Their eyes followed every move of my hand with the biscuit in it. My husband, Herman, took the picture. I promise you, it is the only time that they are extremely well behaved! Of course they each got their own biscuit as well.



Basset Hound puppies playing with shoe

It's Mine

"It's mine" was a tug of war bewteen two of our previous litter's puppies over Herman's croc shoe. The sounds that they made... And the shoe was way to big for them to carry off. Eventually they decided that it is big enough for them both to chew on.



Basset Hound playing with toys


"Yummie" is a picture that one of our previous new owners sent me. Their basset decided to play with her boy's cars. Only, she thought eating it was the game. The poor child was so upset when he eventually convinced her to spit it out, all covered in sticky saliva, he did not think it was funny, but she loved it!



Female Basset Hound named Lilly

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

"Mirror mirror on the wall" is a picture of our female, Lilly. When she saw me taking pictures of her she literally started to pose, giving me this cheek, then that one, making funny sounds. And when I put the camera down she licked it as if to tell me that we're not done yet, she's the prettiest of them all and I need to take more pictures!

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My Basset Hound, Hunter

My dog, Hunter!
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