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Baby Girl Basset Hound

by Regina Copeland
(Grapeland, TX)

It was two AM in the morning when I heard a barking and crying outside my home in Eastern Texas. It was snowing and cold and I opened my door to the most beautiful Basset Hound I ever saw nearly frozen.

We warmed her. She cried Most of the night. As soon as weather permitted I knocked on my neighbors door in an attempt to find out about this mahogagny, lemon colored Basset Hound with white spots only to learn they had turned her out.

"Why," I asked. This dog is even house broken? She's so beautiful with her long, floppy ears.
A true Basset I added.

She eats a lot was the answer. We can't afford to keep her they explained. She barks twice each night for us to get up and let her out to do her business. My husband has to get up early and go to work!

I learned they only had her one week. They were given her by a Preacher of a local Cowboy Church. I did Say given to Them. (This Basset on the market sells anywhere from 800.00 to 2,800 Dollars.)

She's not good with children either the neighbor explained as I watched her grandchild kicking at another dog in the house. If you want her You can have her! She said with frustration. It's cold I'm gonna shut this door no.

What could I say? Did you have to turn her out in the cold I asked. I knew she would find your house someone would take her in she replied closing the door practically in my face. Okay I said shaking my head almost in shock that my own neighbor could turn out such a loveable adorable pet.

So we adopted "Baby girl". She was so loved and brought hours of happiness to us. She even made her own bed and whined for blankets. She barked I love you and I won out.

She had her own pillow bed and room. We treated her like a queen or I thought we had. We had no idea Baby would become so sick. She was house broken and always let us know when she needed to go. She was so faithful. We took her to the vet and he noticed she had a growth on her ear and we scheduled her to have a tumor cut off. She got sick before that date and just quit eating.

She came home eating again and was almost back to her old self. We had her over eight months and when she quit eating again back to our family vet.
He told us it was an urinary track infection and he fixed her up after two days in the hospital.

A month later she quit eating again she refused all food so back to the vet who had me give her hills critical care Dog food formula 1.49 cents per can. She began drinking tons of water. Gallons of water.

BACK TO THE VET... checked her glucose and it was over 700. She WAS admitted to the hospital for three more days as he began insulin therapy. He sent her home and taught me how to check her glucose. She was a trooper. I tested with needles twice a day with my glucose meter to check for her glucose levels and administered insulin by needle.

I learned at Walmart that insulin price was $23.99 for 100 units. Ahe needed ten units by needle twice daily. Dr Cory (vet) asked me to cut back as her levels got too low. I kept Karo syrup by in case it dropped below 100 and it did drop to 47.

My vet was so wonderful I called him twice a day with the results of her insulin level. He never charged me for those calls. No matter how Busy Dr. Cory was he always took time for me.

She quit eating so back to the vet and this time He told me to give her sub fluids and taught me how to pull up her skin to administer IV to give her fluids. Back home two days and on fathers day she ate on her own for the first time without me force feeding. We really thought she was coming around.

On Monday she could not stand up and grew weaker and could not hold anything down on her stomach.
so back to the vet whom hospitalized her and told us the terrible news. She was in Renal failure.

For three days no matter what he did, she grew weaker. All the IV's would not help her.
She left us June 24 this year 2011. We lain her to rest yesterday.

I learned a lot from her. Dogs can too have diabetes. After her death we learned the rest of the story. Her first owners took good care of her
They taught her to go out when she needed to go. They taught her a lot.

Her real name was not"Baby girl' at all but Dayton. Her owners were admitted to a nursing facility. They could no longer care for her.

After they died a Preacher of a local Cowboy Church inherited her and gave her away to his son. His son taught Baby to hunt on the ranch and she would go out looking for lost animals
on the ranch and found 99 per cent of them,
from what I'm told.

The son graduated high school and had to go to college so he could no longer take care of her.
He could not take baby with him to the dorms.
Did they know baby was a diabetic? Unknown.

So the preachers wife took baby to work with her in an effort to find a home for her. They gave her away to the neighbors.

I am so glad I opened my heart and home
to Baby Girl. She was a part of my family.

She was here the day mama had her major stroke. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for mama when she barked and barked at me to come to the living room. She barked "right now". I was only gone 5 minutes to prepare breakfast. When Mama was folded over her chair in a stroke Baby Girl saved mamas life that day by alerting me right away.

I know she went to Heaven. I love you My Baby Girl

Listen you cannot go wrong to own or adopt a hound dog they are faithful friends are great with the elderly. My Hound dog talked
said "Mama"" I won out"," I love you"

She even made her own bed up by using her teeth to adjust her bed the way she wanted it.

I read that hound dogs can be self centered.
Mine acted out when I needed her most.
She had a total of five homes. Oh the fifth home was a breeder the senior couple bought her from for the whooping price of 2,600 hundred dollars.

Goodbye Baby Girl! If you have a large breed dog Please check it periodically for Diabetes. God Bless this site.

Having a hound dog can be rewarding, challenging and positive. With the positives to anything are negatives. Our vet told us 75 per cent of Hound dogs and larger breeds could develop Diabetes, one of the leading causes of death.

RIP Baby Girl June 24 2011 Off Duty. We sadly Miss you. Your death is not in vein for we are alerting all large breed owners to check the glucose level of your pet often!

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Jun 29, 2011
Sorry for your loss...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Thanks for sharing Baby Girl's story. So wonderful that you were willing to take her in and care for her when she was most in need. Again, sorry for your loss.

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