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Any Beany Baby

by Debbie Stover
(Blakeslee, OH USA)

Our Basset Hound, Lilly, is so sweet. She will take any beanie baby and bury it. She buried it one time in the kids sand box. Most of the time she will bury the beanie baby in the couch. She is so gentle with the beanie baby we wonder if we would have allowed her to have little Lilly’s would this be happening. We just keep a healthy supply of beanie babies and when we find them we wash them and return them to the basket because sometimes we find them under the desk or buried in the back yard.

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Funny what a dog will play with...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

I don't have any beany babies so I don't know if my Basset, Hunter, would go for that. But, it sounds like Lilly enjoys it - whatever keeps 'em happy.

Hunter still loves the big, blue stuffed octopus toy - has been his favorite for years. But lately he's been going for this small, stuffed cheeseburger that my daughter got him for Christmas one year. Kind of funny because when he got it he never touched it.

One day when I was playing with him, I could tell that he was looking for a particular toy. I offered him a few different toys and he wouldn't play. Then he went away and found the cheeseburger and came back with that little thing in his mouth. Made me laugh - not used to seeing him play with such a small toy.

Enjoy your Basset Hound!

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