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And Once was a basset

by Asa Landry
(Grapeland, TX)

Why every Elvis Tribute needs a Hound Dog

And Once was a Basset Hound Named Baby Girl
By Asa Landry Elvis Tribute artist

Why adopt a Basset Hound?
They are easy to take care of
easy going,
are faithful and loyal
Are excellent hunters.
Bassets do not need a lot of grooming.
Most are skillful and fast learners.
Bassets are easy to train and teachable.
They are very Smart Learn Quickly.
Some can even say short phrases
Both Loving and Kind.
They adapt easy.
Are great with children
They are fine Dogs!
Like having Royalty in your home.
As I would say "they are High Class" breed!
They will alert you in an emergency

They make excellent pets.
Can find missing smaller animals and even people.

One morning My Dog, a schnozer named Junior disappeared when I let him go out

Days went by...
Still I could not find Junior. I put ads in the newspaper for his return... still nothing no word.

I took Baby Girl (Our basset hound dog)
out on a leash for her walk. I did not even have to tell her Junior was missing.

Baby Girl took me on a six block walk. Yes you read right ( Six long blocks).
I kept trying to turn her around but she barked at me. She was on a mission!

"Show me," I said, Not really knowing why Baby Girl was so determined to show me. Usually her walks were only about a block long. She took me right to where Junior My schnozer was.

Little I knew... Junior my schnozer had wondered off with some neighborhood children.

Baby Girl led me stright to my Junior.
I was shocked to see Junior chained to a fence in a housing Project! (Junior had never been chained was an indoor dog)

Baby Girl looked up to me proudly. I rewarded her telling her what a good girl she was and patted her on the head. She looked so proud that day

Getting junior back home took an act of congress.
I showed AKC paper work to the individuals
and finally Junior was released without hesitation.

Later another dog went missing in the community
after Baby Girl sniffed the area where the dog had been she was on it. Baby Girl, our Hound, led us to a railroad track where the missing dog was found and a few more dogs. The missing dog had given birth to puppies.

Every one in the community respected and loved baby girl. To have a basset brings both pride and joy.They are good with the elderly. Make excellent hunting dogs as well as rescue dogs.

I say rescue a Basset Hound Dog. One day they may rescue you!

I was proud she belonged to us. Actually, she thought we belonged to her.

Check Your pets periodically for Diabetes and once was a Basset named Baby Girl.

RIP Baby Girl june 24 2011.

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Jul 11, 2011
Baby Girl
by: Angie from South Africa

Wow! What a hero your baby girl was. You must've been very proud of her! They are very intelligent and they really communicate with us, if we watch and listen hard enough, we can understand every word. I love my basset hounds :-)

Jul 08, 2011
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Baby Girl was amazing! Thanks for sharing these stories.

Jun 27, 2011
Sorry you lost her
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing and I"m sorry you lost her. Basset hounds are so wonderful that when they leave, they leave a big hole in your heart!

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