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Adopting Tanner

by Richard Cummings
(Sag Harbor, NY)

Whilst I was away from home in Bridgehampton, living and teaching in Atlanta, my wife, who was taking care of her elderly and ill mother, came upon an ad in the Southampton Press seeking a foster parent for a basset. She doesn't recall which rescue group it was from. She agreed to be Tanner's foster parent and only a few days later, adopted him. When I returned home, I met Tanner for the first time. He was about two and was white and tan, with ears somewhat less long than normal. He was described as something called a "Tewksberry" basset that are bread for walking hunts. I have seen a few of them-one in an ad and another with a lady walking him in Greenwich Village. Tanner lived with us for thirteen years and needed to be put down because he had become terribly ill and was not recovering following surgery. We are bereft because he was such a joy, a great companion and a wonderful friend.

My wife decided to adopt Tanner because I had to be away and she needed to be with her mother. Alone in the house, she wanted a dog. The experience was incredibly positive and I would advise anyone looking for a dog to adopt. Bassets are fantastic animals, comedians, great fun to walk with and a delight at home. I have been looking for another basset that resembled Tanner but so far without success. We would certainly adopt another basset. There are a great many looking for homes and any of them would enrich someone's life immeasurably.

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Apr 06, 2011
Thanks for sharing...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

What a great Basset Hound adoption story! Sorry to hear that you had to put him down. Sounds like Tanner had an awesome life with you and your wife.

I never heard of a "Tewksberry" basset (interesting). Thanks again for sharing.

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