A "boy" and his dog

by Mike

About 14 years ago, a dear friend gave me a 5 week old Basset Hound for my birthday. I named him Seger, after the musician Bob Seger as my friend and I had a relationship that echoed a song of his.

He became my best buddy instantly and we traveled almost everywhere together. He would stand at the door and wait for me to give him a pat on the head as I left for work. He could recognize the sound of my truck as it got close to the house and stare out the window until I got out and then run to the door and greet me.

He was, as dogs should be, my best friend. He loved going for rides in my truck or car or for a walk. Or as most Bassets, sleeping.

He was however the most active Basset that I have ever seen. That, of course has changed with time. He got a little slower and seemed to sleep a little more in the past year or so. Then in the last six months he had developed a problem with a heart valve. In the last six weeks, he had two seizures. The doctor had surmised that he probably had a tumor on his brain that was causing it and of course there was no curing it, although there was medication to hopefully prevent another episode and to insure him not being uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I and the doctor think the seizures or the tumor has caused a change in his behavior and it seems he has become disoriented and was getting worse.

That brings me to today. After much consideration for all of us, including Segers quality of health and life, I did the most difficult and hopefully compassionate thing and gave him his last ride to be helped across to that rainbow bridge. But before that I took a page from another pet owners story of their Duke, who had cancer. I couldn't bring myself to take pictures and Seger hates water but I took him for a short walk and gave him a couple of cheeseburgers (no onions of course) and a large order of french fries. He really loves french fries. Then my children said their goodbyes and my wonderful wife and I drove him to the vet's office.

They were of course very compassionate and understanding at the animal hospital and gave us all the time we needed before giving him an anesthetic to put him to sleep. We then said our goodbyes as he fell into a peaceful slumber and we left before the vet gave him the final dosage. (I couldn't bear to watch that) I am glad that I did it this way as I wanted to be the last thing my buddy saw before crossing over that rainbow bridge to the other side.

I am glad and grateful that I have the great pleasure of having two wonderful companions in my life, my wonderful wife, Jeri who has been my rock through all of this and my dog, Seger. I'll miss you terribly, dear friend.

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Nov 16, 2015
To A Boy and His Dog
by: Jeanette(JetgirlfromNY)

I am so terribly sorry for your loss. My dog Shasta is going to be 13 in January, and has no health issues to be concerned about to date. I do not look forward to the day when she makes her journey over the Rainbow Bridge, as she is my only companion. I am so glad Seger had you and your family for so long, and that you had him as well. He lived a full life here, and you will see him on the other side. What you did for him was a gift, for sure. No one wants to see someone we love suffer.
I pray all of you heal in time, knowing your beautiful Seger is in a better place, resting well.

Nov 16, 2015
So sorry...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Tears are streaming down my face as I read your story. So sorry.

I put my Basset Hound, Hunter, to sleep a few weeks ago. We had him for 14 years too. Hunter was also active like your Seger and in his later years started to slow down. But, he never lost his spirit to live despite his health problems. I haven't written much about our experience over the past year yet. But, he had a heart problem and then developed other problems. Seems kind of similar to your experience.

It really is a difficult decision to make. But, as you mentioned at some point we have to consider quality of life. Again, so sorry you lost your best friend.

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