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400 Basset Hounds in a parade at once...believe it?

by Cheryl Schm
(Troy, MI USA)

You have to see it to believe it. Yes once a year in Birmingham, Michigan (an upscale, northern suburb of Detroit in southeastern Michigan) there is a parade and the main attraction is put on by the Michigan Basset Rescue. It is called the "Waddle Walk" and you will not believe how well they all get along. They are pack dogs by nature and just follow in a big group, drooling and howling and sniffing everyone. Check out their website for all the details, it is always the middle of May each year. It is a weekend fundraiser event and there is a picnic on Saturday with the parade on Sunday. There is a beautiful park near the parade and lots to do in the area too.

My husband and I have had hounds for over 35 years, it is our favorite group of dogs. In 2006, we were slowing down and wanted a "slower" pet, we adopted our first basset, Rosy Baby and will always be a basset family since they bring so much joy to our family with their loving dispositions and special personalities. My pet sitter has adopted our bassets and now she volunteers for the Michigan Basset Rescue too during their fundraiser.

The more the merrier, they get along so well.
We now have two bassets, Rosy Baby (5 yrs) and Daisy May Snickers (4 yrs) and a beagle, Jazzy (5 yrs) (or as I call her the Jazzer-cizer since she runs my bassets around the back yard).

What I love about our bassets is that they do what you want to do, sleep they sleep, eat they eat, walk they walk, garden they sleep nearby...they have spurts of energy like us (we are over 60 so we only spurt now). This is a great site, I look forward to reading more stories. As far as I am concerned, rescue is the way to go. There are some wonderful animals in the Michigan & Ohio rescue groups and they have a great websites. Check them out.

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Apr 10, 2018

A friend told us about the parade and we are sorry to hear their will not be a parade this year. We were planning to attend. Sue

Jul 21, 2013
by: sherry

We had a basset and her name was Daisy Bell she had a sister and her name is Katie. Daisy looked much like you dog. We had to help her to heaven at the start of this month. We would like to get her sister a new friend, but are having trouble finding a puppy Basset. Reading your store give me hope if there are that many in one place we should be able to find a good breeder.We do not need a show dog we need to fill a spot in our heart.

Jan 28, 2011
Great story and photos...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Cheryl - thanks for sharing your Basset Hound adoption story. I love the photos!

Wish I could make it to the "Waddle Walk" to see 400 Basset Hounds. Would love to hear them all howling at once. It's a bit too far for me and Hunter to travel. He would not enjoy the trip (LOL).

But, for anyone else that is interested in attending the walk or adopting, here is the web site for Michigan Basset Hound Rescue with the info:


Jan 28, 2011
Newley Basset Hound owner
by: Hector A.

My name is hector, and my wife is brenda. Were From a lil town called midlothian IL, south of chicago and about 15mins from the Indiana LIne. We just took a basset hound in on nov of 09, she has been the greated thing we have had. Shes our only lil girl, and we love her to death. I am so gonna take a look into the parade and make plans to visit with my girls, i felt extied how the parade was discribed. Thank you for post miss Cheryl Schm, i wish there was something more like that here in chicago only beacuse it would be alot colser to us. But if its not that far, we will make sure to set up a road trip. Well its a about 4 and a half hour drive, but just the thought of seeing houndreds of Hounds it is well worth the drive. We mite have 2 more basset hounds by that time, so we got to get to work lol.

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